Our history

Beforethe 1960's, the area where Gardaflor is situated today, was used to cultivate roses.

From a very young age, Luigi Benedetti, the present owner of Gardaflor, showed a keen interest in the cultivation and caring of all types of plants. This interest inspired him to obtain a diploma in horticulture at the florist school of  Minoprio in the province of Como, Italy.

In 1987, with the assistence of his family, two tunnel greenhouses were created to facilitate the growth of indoor, pot and other exotic plants. Benedetti's dream finally became reality in the year 2000 when he and his wife Ada, transformed the small center in a complete garden center, known as Gardaflor.

In 2013, their daughter joined this dedicated team after having successfully completed her agrarian studies and artistic flower arrangement diploma the Technical Agrarian School of Brescia.

Gardaflor is a family run garden center.

With the assistance of this well equipped staff, the ultimate objective of this team is a satisfied and smiling customer!!